Product Description

This superb highly absorbent, multi-use product works Fantastically well on hands, tools and whatever you are working on! Highly effective on hands, tools, hard surfaces, upholstery, carpets, UPVC and a whole lot more! A mildly abrasive but non-scratch, lint-free, highly absorbent wipe that contains a powerful germ fighting bactericide. With its unique non-leach properties, the towel can be used more than once even though it appears dirty. Handies Heavy-Duty will continue to absorb grease, oils, tar, adhesives, wax and sealants without leaching them back out onto the hands. What is absorbed by the towel stays in the towel! Handies Heavy-Duty even puts the moisture back into hands after cleaning them! Its gentle emollients condition the skin so sore, dry & cracked skin is a thing of the past! Handies Heavy-Duty is excellent where access to water, towels, hand cleanser or a wash-basin is limited. Case of 6 Tubs with 50 wipes in each tub Available either branded or own-label. Manufactured in the UK by Fantastic Wipes!

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